Hand-woven baby wraps from Mexico

MADALO’s baby wraps are hand-woven on traditional looms with passion and love.


Hand-woven stories and fair wages

We know the weavers personally, we pay them a fair price and give them the appreciation that their wonderful work deserves.


Premium baby wraps  made from certified cotton

We provide high quality, fair baby wraps made from certified cotton at a good price.

MADALO - Handgewebte Babytragetücher

Bienvenidos to MADALO!


Yuridia from Mexico and Christoph from Germany came up with the idea to offer fair, hand-woven baby wraps from Mexico in Europe.


At MADALO, however things don’t revolve around them, it is all about the weavers from Mexico, who create works of art in a centuries old ancestral tradition, Every wrap contains its own hand-woven story.


And besides that, MADALO obviously cares about You: we want to offer you and your little ones high quality baby wraps made of certified cotton at a fair price. Thank you for being part of the hand-woven story!


MADALO – hand-woven stories


Handwoven with ♥ in Mexiko